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QEI Inspections

Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation State Elevator & Escalator Inspection

Premier Elevator Services Inc. can assist you in choosing and scheduling a Qualified Elevator Inspector (QEI). Our inspectors are independent contractors that work for you the customer thus providing you with an accurate inspection and report of your equipment.

Services Provided:
1. Annual Elevator & Escalator Safety Tests
2. Three Year Pressure Test for Hydraulic Elevators
3. Five Year Full-Load Safety Test for Elevators
4. Step Indexing Test for Escalators
5. State of Texas forms & paperwork assistance

After the inspection is completed the QEI inspector will meet with the building representative to discuss the finding of the inspection. In addition they will coordinate any repairs with your existing service provider to ensure corrective action is taken within the allowed time from the State of Texas.

Please contact us for additional information or code related questions.