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Premier Elevator provides a comprehensive and cost effective approach to your equipment modernizations. Our well trained and knowledgeable modernization teams know the right way to deliver correctly engineered solutions to your elevator problems. We can assess your individual building needs and offer realistic approaches that will save you time and money.

Micro Modernization

When time, capital or both do not allow for an all encompassing modernization we can perform a series of micro modernizations. Door operators are often an ideal place to start delivering the most return for your investment. New door operators improve performance times, smoother door operation and increased passenger safety, all delivered in a short time span. Specifically for hydraulic elevators submersible pump units, selector systems and even controllers can be specially engineered in component form to reduce down time and capital outlays.

Benefits of Open Market Equipment:

  • Parts Availability & Associated Costs:  Open Market manufacturers replacement part prices continue to be stable with standard market increases per year. In comparison, the Major Elevator Companies proprietary replacement parts have had sizable increases each year, well above the standard yearly increases of the past.  Open Market equipment is built to support a product life cycle of 20-25 years while the Major Elevator Companies equipment product life cycle and support has been significantly reduced.

  • Software:  Open Market equipment manufacturers recommended software changes or fixes are a simple phone call and download, generally at no cost to the consumer.  The Major Elevator Companies only allow software changes of any type to be installed by their technical specialist, this limits you the customer from contracting with a service provider of your choice as well as allows them to charge the consumer higher prices. 

  • Technical Support:  Open Market equipment manufacturers support is available to “all” service providers.  Major Elevator Companies do “not” provide technical support to other service providers nor a viable long-term solution in order to return your units back to service in a timely manner or extend the useful life of your equipment.

  • Parts Upgrades/Revision Changes: Open Market equipment manufacturers revisions/upgrades are available so that “any” service provider can make the necessary changes in a timely manner without any specialized diagnostic tooling being required. Major Elevator Companies upgrades often require proprietary diagnostic tooling for programming the units for proper operation and in many cases, can only be obtained by the OEM.

  • Labor Cost:  Open Market products do not require union labor and offer support to “all” installation and service providers in a timely manner, thus reducing associated labor expenses and equipment down time.  What many consumers do not see is the administrative expense and delays associated with finding solutions or resolutions to consumer issues related to Major Elevator Companies proprietary software, part revisions, or changes made from flawed designs.

Even though many service providers can maintain and repair Major Elevator Companies equipment, the end user is still held captive in the long run.