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Back to the Basics

Premiers' philosophy is specifically designed to improve confidence and faith in the safety and reliability of your elevator and escalator equipment. Innovation and technology cannot take the place of performed preventative maintenance. Our "Back to the Basics" approach lets our technicians spend the time required to properly maintain your equipment. This approach also holds our technicians to a higher standard. If it's not right, we will make it right, no questions asked.

Personalized Service

Top level communication.

Maintenance Tracking System

Individual elevators are thoroughly tracked in our database allowing us to assess overall performance and direct well-informed decisions on how best to improve elevator reliability and performance. 

Technician Unit Counts

Premier carefully factors in pertinent information when deciding on unit counts for technicians. Type and complexity, travel distance, technician experience and training points all have a bearing on unit counts. Unlike major service providers, Premier limits unit counts based on a balanced load. While unit counts in excess of 120+ per man may be good for the bottom line they come at the customer’s expense. Smaller unit counts permit maximum flexibility when operational conditions or staffing requirements change.

Most importantly Premier assures that unit counts will never impact our ability to provide preventative maintenance with the quality of service that you expect!


Premier begins each new contract by thoroughly cleaning and preparing the job for the assigned technician. Our theory of attaining and maintaining a standard from the start puts us miles above our competition.


Premier Elevator DOES NOT self-insure. We offer Additional Insured policies under the care of a licensed Insurance Company without need for legal departments or disclaimers. Risks and liabilities rise when OEM’s take exception to or request changes to insurance requirements.

Premier Elevator performs all of your repairs in a timely and professional manner.

Customer Incentive

Premier Elevator prides itself on our small company philosophy while offering the latest technological enhancements. We believe the fewer obstacles between you and the technician assigned to your building will result in increased customer satisfaction and overall equipment reliability. While large OEM’s institute technological changes in order to substantiate phantom technicians visiting your property, Premier Elevator’s basic ideology lets our technicians perform to CUSTOMER’s standards on a daily basis.

Cost Savings – Capital Upgrades

We take a proactive approach by continually providing equipment status to assist you in effectively managing your vertical transportation costs.
We sell quality not price!